wovwvool Bathroom Rugs Plush mat Polyester Microfiber Non-SlipSoftAbsorbent and Machine



(Anti-skid)- with a durable, latex backing, helps keep bath mats safe and protects the family as you leave the bathroom or bathtub. And it is more durable, (Softness)- The use of Plush mat gives home textile fabric a thick feeling, with high-grade luxury, soft feeling, full suede, and good drape, so that it can protect your feet from the chill. Our Plush mat has a higher density and softness, which will make you feel more comfortable. (Care)- Plush mat carpets are easy to care for. You can wash them with washing machines, but please don’t wash them with hot water. Plush mat is made of superfine fiber, so it does not shrink or become rough after washing. So, it can always keep your carpets the same as the new one. (Absorbency)- Plush mat carpets can quickly absorb moisture, so keep your feet dry out of the bathroom for a better guarantee of your safety. At the same time, the moisture of the carpet will evaporate quickly, so the carpet will not mould, which is better to keep the bathroom clean and sanitary. (Warning)!- Please keep the bottom of the carpet dry!


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