Well Woven Moroccan Ikat Area Rug Multicolor 5×7



Medium-height frieze yarn. Ideal for mid to high traffic areas. Lower pile traps less dirt while still feeling soft and substantial underfoot. Tribal ikat style with warm, natural tones and subdued accent colors that are easy to blend into contemporary d??cor. 5’3×7’3 size, recommended for the living room, family room, dining room, or bedroom. Although we think they look good just about anywhere! Rug arrives factory rolled, may have creases from packaging and storage. Normally flattens within 3-5 days in warm and 5-7 in cool weather. Expedite by rolling, pattern side up, and massaging creases to loosen them. Laying out in a sunny room helps further loosen the backing. Super easy to clean. For spills, remove excess material and blot with a clean cloth dampened with lukewarm water. Repeat with a solution of lukewarm water and dish detergent (or use carpet cleaner). Finish by blotting with water and finally a clean white cloth.


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