RUGGABLE Washable Stain Resistant IndoorOutdoor Kids Pets and Dog Friendly Runner Rug 25’x7′ Solid Textured Cream



Machine washable 2-piece rug system – a decorative and machine washable rug cover combines with a cushioned non-slip rug pad to create ruggable’s stylish and durable Area rugs. Toss the cover in the washer/dryer and voil??, your RUGGABLE is ready to use again! RUGGABLE rugs stay looking clean and fresh, all while protecting your floors. Pet and kid friendly – whether Junior spills his juice or fido’s fur has you in a Frenzy, ruggable’s machine washable, water repellent, and stain resistant design can handle the daily wear and tear of a bustling household. The non-slip pad provides cushioning, thickness and security, keeping your RUGGABLE firmly in place under toddler feet and puppy Paws. Saves time and money – no more wasting time and money on professional rug cleaning services; with RUGGABLE, clean-up is easy, convenient, and affordable. Instead of spending time cleaning or renting specialty equipment, you can enjoy relaxing in the comfort of your home. and sustainable – with ruggable’s patented system, wash and reuse your rug cover whenever you need, avoiding the waste and cost of frequently replacing rugs. The rug cover is 100% and sustainable polyester, and the rug pad is made from 100% polyester surface from recycled plastic bottles with TPR (thermoplastic resin) non-slip backing. Versatile – RUGGABLE rugs are available in a variety of colors and patterns to suit any home decor style. Their pleasing and practical design is perfect for any room in your home: The entryway, mud room, living room, dining room, bathroom, rec room, kid’s room, nursery, and all types of flooring. These are indoor/outdoor rugs, so you can even use them outside your front door or out on the patio.


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