Rodeo Brown Brindle Cow Skins Large hides Cowhide Rug BBB



Brand Name: Rodeo Cowhide Rugs, quality cowhides Quality Control: We hand-pick every rug to ensure we bring you only the highest quality rugs for your home d??cor. Natural and Unique: Cowhide rugs are a 100% natural product. This means none of the color patterns are identical, because every animal has a coat of fur that??s different. The rug you see in the photo will vary slightly from the rug you receive Original: It??s very common for cowhide rugs to come with firemarks, scars and other markings. This is a completely natural occurrence. Byproduct: All of our cowhides are recycled from the meat industry. The thorough tanning process ensures minimal hair loss and also gives the cowhide a clean leather smell.?See more product details


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